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Common questions and the answers to them..


Q. What is a web site / Homepage?

A. A web site is a place on the Internet where you can tell people about your business, your hobby, or even your personal interests.

Q. How will a web site benefit me? Why should I have one?

A. A web site will give you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week exposure to customers - world wide. If you own a business, then a web site is the best value for your dollar. Compare the cost of a web site to the cost of magazine or Radio/TV advertising, and I am sure you will see the benefit. It is probably the most cost efficient way to spread the word about your business. You can tell the whole world about your business and services easily and cost effectively.

Q. Why should I pay a web designer when I could get my friend, family member, or myself to do it for free?

A. With Microsoft Front Page and other web design software packages, most anyone can build a web site. But not everyone can do it well. The old saying, "you get what you pay for" is still a very true one today. The first impression your web site makes to your visitors will be a lasting impression. By using a web designer you are paying for their expertise and knowledge, as well as their talent. There are some good web sites, and there are some bad web sites. The design and function as well as speed of downloading play a large part in what distinguishes a good web site from a bad web site. You will get custom design, which means that your site will be original, and it will reflect your tastes. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will gladly refund your money!

Q. What is included in the cost for a web site design by Barker Web Design?

A. Original custom graphics and a design that has been optimized for quick download. Original, custom HTML layout. Submission to search engines. We do not use templates like some companies - only if requested by the customer - so your site will be "one of a kind". Service to exceed your specifications.

Q. What is Web Hosting? Can't I use free hosting, like Geocities?

A. Web hosting means finding a server (a computer system) with connections to the Internet backbone, on which to store (publish) your web site so others can see it. Barker Web Design can supply space for your site at a very minimal fee or we can advise you where to host your site. Quality, professional web hosting gives a much more professional appearance to your site, with no pop up advertising (as when using free hosting) to distract your visitors. We have researched the servers available and have chosen what we consider fast, reliable servers to host sites for our clients. Barker Web Design is able to offer you web server space at a very reasonable prices. Our web design packages include free server setup, domain name registration, and hosting for the first year!

These are the most common questions we get. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Contact us today.

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