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An overview of our web design process

our process
step 1

Information Analysis and Interview

Free consultation: We will call or meet with you to discuss what you want in your Web site and ask you important questions to get a feel for what you need. (Fill out our online quote form to get this step started).

In more detail: This first step involves meeting with you and determining your needs for your new site, or a study of your current site content, imagery, and any other materials that you provide. This step is organizational and is crucial. Its purpose is to organize the content and create a site "blueprint" for the information architecture of your site. If you have not already chosen, or currently have a domain name, now is the time to determine and acquire that also. After a review and analysis of this information is made, we will be able to give you an estimate on what your website will cost.

step 2

Creative Process

This is where we identify your target audience and determine the personality, tone, and style of your site. We'll rely on your input and suggestions during this phase to form opinions about important factors like color, choice of imagery, and fonts. If you have a company logo or ideas for the creation of one, you will need to present it at this time. Next, we get an idea of what you like and don't like. If you can provide us with sites you like (URLs), that helps us fine tune our design ideas. Once we know what colors, style type and information you want on your site we are ready to create your own custom web site design. At this point, you decide to hire us for your web design. We then send you a written contract of all the work we will be doing and the quoted price. You will need to sign and return a copy of the contract as well as a deposit in order to get the work started.

step 3

Graphic Design and Invention

Next, we invent. Having determined the information above concerning the look as well as structure, linking structure, written content, and competitive information, we can begin to apply this information. During this phase, we'll present a nonfunctional "dummy" of your site's home page for your review. We show you different stages of the homepage and/or logo until you approve the design. With your approval, we'll then build out the rest of the pages, elaborating on the themes we've established. As the site progresses, you'll be able to view developments and make comments by going to the web address for our staging server(s).

step 4

Integrate and Test

Here we integrate the required functionality, test, refine, and check quality (unbroken links, ALT tags, meta tags, clean HTML, proper form validation, and various other quality checks). Once the project passes internal approval, we prepare it for your final viewing, testing, and approval. Here you can direct final changes before launch. All that remains is to migrate your web site from our staging server to your production server and you'll be live.

step 5

Launch of Web site

This is always an exciting moment. What was initially just an idea, and then a proposal, has now materialized into a tangible asset to your business. We perform a final quality check then continue to assist you by providing free technical, design, and logistical support for 45 days.


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